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Official: Torres Signs

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mmmm... I´m thinking, maybe today Anelka, Drogba and Malouda.... feal that they need to Show Carlo they are still the best option for the Starting Lineup.... and give the 120% jejejeje

Competition is Good For Business

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Gourlay's grimacing, it's like he's saying "You do realise John is bonking your wife as we speak don't you...?"

"This signing will undoubtedly aid the club in realising our worldwide potential - on and off the pitch." __ Ron Gourlay

Translates as "Money, dosh, wonga, dollar, dosh, dosh - money, WONGA."

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I'm happy for Chelsea. Torres is the right man for you guys.

Anelka is never going to be as good as he was the previous seasons. Drogba is slowly dropping.

Torres isn't that old. He can do alot of things for Chelsea.

I'd really like to see him in Madrid, but meh. He's an Atletico Madrid fan - which means it will never happen. Sadface :D

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He's actually the 4th highest paid footballer... behind Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic (Inter to Barca for £56.6m) and Kaka! :whistling:

Am talking about his wages. Marca reports that he will be earning 12M euros per year for te next five and half years. in terms of transfer fee, he's sixth behind CR7, ibrahimovic, zidane, kaka and Figo :whistling:

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Repetive posting but i can't blame ya, i still can't believe my eyes. He also said Drogba is the best striker in the world by far. Roman, i'm sorry to have lost faith in you, i can only worship and bow down to you now. I'm even pleased your Russia got the world Cup now too lol, i love u that much.

Now we need to see 3 things:

1) Torres to be comfirmed as Chelsea's Number 9, should be a formality tho as we don't have one lol.

2) Will we go 4-4-2?

3) Will he make his first appearance against Liverpool? :o

Think we've probably just gained a Million more fans too and more ppl will use Chelsea on Fifa :P

So happy i could cry

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Hahhahaha i woke up this morning and thought....... Fernando Torres plays for Chelsea yessssssssssss. He is an injury prone player but fuck it we only live once lol hahahaha !

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First of all may i say everyone of you were brilliant last night with your posts leading up to the Torres signing.Especially badboy,who had me nearly falling off my chair with side-splitting laughter.

And to reach 100+ pages was just WOW!.Well done to all of you.

So,welcome to Chelsea 'El Nino'

I must say i wasn't among the enthusiasts once Torres appeared on our radar,but i am prepared to accept that we have signed an A1,top quality,world class footballer/goalscorer.

It's now the question on how we install Torres into our formation without upsetting Anelka or Drogba?.Maybe a headache CA could do without,but he certainly won't be disgruntled at the arrival of Torres.

Drogba isn't a wide player,neither is Torres.

the only solution is to go to a diamond formation with Lampard sitting behind the front two,with Jos Bos and Ashley bombing down the wings.Torres and Drogba thrive on long/ariel type crosses and ball to feet.

The only way to accomadate Anelka would be to leave out Drogba.

Someone is going to be disappointed in the next few weeks.

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Incredible. SSN this morning all talking up Liverpool, and intonating they had the best deal :rolleyes:

The best beneficiary of the deals was probably Mike Ashley

Ashley won't show his excitement in public(he ain't that stupid) but i'm sure he secretly poured himself a glass of his favourite tipple and brushed his ego as that was a brilliant bit of business for Newcastle,who will still be in the Prem next season and will have bags of money to spend in the summer.

I think even the most hardcore Geordie isn't bothered about Carroll's departure fearing he was drawing too much attention to himself and rapidly becoming the black sheep of their beloved family.

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