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Official: Torres Signs

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* Full Name: Fernando Torres

* Nick Name: El Nino

* Squad No: 9

* Position: Forward

* Age: 26

* Birth Date: Mar 20, 1984

* Birth Place: Fuenlabrada, Madrid

* Height: 6' 1'' (1.85m)

* Weight: 174 lbs (78.7 kg)


Strengths: A born goalscorer, Torres possesses all the attributes needed by a world-class striker. He is quick, strong, impressive in the air, blessed with expert technique and is cool and collected in front of goal as well as having an eye for the spectacular.

Weaknesses: The suspicion remains that Torres can be distracted from his task by some physical attention from defenders, while he can be isolated if service is not forthcoming.

Career high: Scoring the winning goal in the Euro 2008 final against Germany as Spain ended their lengthy wait for a trophy on the international stage.

Career low: Failing to help Atletico Madrid regain their place in the Spanish top flight on the final day of his first season in the first team. Atleti's slogan, conceived after their relegation the previous season, of 'One Little Year In Hell' had to be quickly scrapped.

Style: Clinical, classy, deadly, the complete striker.

* Nike Cup top scorer (1): 1999

* Algarve Tournament Player of the Tournament (1): 2001

* Algarve Tournament top scorer (1): 2001

* UEFA European Under-16 Football Championship Player of the Tournament (1): 2001

* UEFA European Under-16 Football Championship top scorer (1): 2001

* UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship Player of the Tournament (1): 2002

* UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship top scorer (1): 2002

* UEFA European Football Championship Team of the Tournament (1): 2008

* Liverpool top goalscorer (2): 2007-08, 2009-10

* Liverpool player of the season (1): 2007-08

* FIFPro World XI (2): 2008, 2009

* PFA Team of the Year (2): 2007–08, 2008–09

* Premier League Player of the Month (2): February 2008, September 2009

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* Weight: 174 lbs (78.7 kg)... ?

On the chelseafc.com they said his weights is 70 kg... is he underweight?

Maybe.Hopefully the nutritionists at Cobham or Mrs Torres will have him eating more Paella :)
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Torres shirt sales are 9 times the sales of the rest of the team put together in 48 hours.

He will be presented with his shirt at a press conference tomorrow blue%20scalf.gif

It's going to be a zoo tomorrow at the press conference. The media are going to have a field day with every syllable he and Carlo say.

My family has contributed to the shirt sales and helped recoup some of that signing fee. We're in the States so we're paying in US $. We've purchased the LS Green, LS Blue Home CL, SS Black Away CL. My daughter is extremely excited. Add this to the Drogba SS Black Away CL she already has.

It's only $, right?

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I still can't believe this is true. He's actually signed for us.

If he's really 6'1 tall and only 11 stone then no wonder he's fast,he must be skinny as a rake. I'm 5'6 and 12 stone.

I really,really hope he's scores Sunday. First and foremot I just hope for a win. However I don't know why I have a nasty feeling about this game. If we win and play well then I think we finally are out of our 'bad moment'.

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