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Whole New System?

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why have u become so negative? mellow.gif

Lol this is only the first time I've said something like this.

I believe there are 2 Drogba's we can see.

  1. The same Drogba who became a superstar after Shevchenko arrived in 2007, showing why he was the first choice
  2. A Drogba that now becomes whiny and sulky because he is no longer the prize striker thus not performing properly.

We did have that hypothesis with Anelka though so.. :lol:

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Drogba/Anelka hanging back of Torres would be a good option as it could give him more room up-front and Drogba's lack of pace, that he has shown lately, wouldn't be an issue. Or otherwise, the 4-4-2 diamond is the most likeliest option.

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the only problem with the diamond is lampard, so if we can get lampard playing in it then its sorted ;)

That's a very good point. Last year, when we played diamond, he was completely lost, not playing well, not scoring. I really do hope Carlo will handle it somehow.

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we could either play the diamond or use ramires on the right wing in a regular 4-4-2. benayoun can play there also once he comes back. it would be mad not to play 2 of the top strikers in the world and to see that partnership. and it can help both of them with a little rest if one of them needs one then we can still play our 4-3-3

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