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Sons of Anarchy


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Anyone watch this?

Not a film but a bloody good TV series imported from the USA about a motorcycle gang that rules a fictional town called Charmin,protecting the town from vicious criminals and low-lifes.

it's in it's 2nd season over here,it's 3rd over in America.

Give it a go,it's really good.One of the best TV series's around atm.


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Watched the first series on Bravo and loved it... not seen the second series yet though. Ron Pearlman's a top actor imo.

2nd season is currently showing on 5 USA on Wednesday's at 10pm and repeated on Saturday's(same time).

Should be available soon on DVD too as season 3 is being shown already in America.

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Season 2 is currently being shown over here on FIVE USA on Wednesday's at 10pm and repeated on Saturday's(same time).Season 2 should also be available soon on DVD as season 3 is underway in America.

I saw season 1 last year on FX. before it went to FIVE USA.Bravo took on the rights on season 2 but Bravo recentley ceased transmission so it's likely 5 USA or FX will take on season 3.

Rumours are season 1 will be shown soon on Channel 5 or BBC,for those that haven't seen it yet.

S.O.A is growing more and more popular,even has it's own fan club where you can actually buy merchandise such as T-shirts and those very classy waistcoats with the Sons of Anarchy patch.

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