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Fabio Borini


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Wasn't there already a thread for Borini? :S

Anyway latest I heard is, Parma is a sure thing, but they'll wait till he's fit again which is predicted in February. This means they may wait till June, thus giving us time to turn his situation to turn it around (if we choose)

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Don't know how true this is, but according to the newspaper 'i' Fabio Borini has already joined Parma.. First i've heard of this! Anyone be able to shed some light?

IF its true it will be on the official Club website


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I doubt anything will be announced until he finishes up with Swansea, but where ever he goes good luck to the lad. Another one slips away, same old story.

Ive heard this before but in fairness to the club how many players have we let go who have went on to be good enough for us to consider buying back again? I cant think of too many! Would like to have seen Borini get more of a go tho

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Swans star: I was wasting my time at Chelsea

Fabio Borini goes into Swansea's £90million play-off final shoot-out against Reading on Monday admitting: "I have been wasting my career at Chelsea."

The Italy Under-21s striker's six goals in nine games on loan at the Liberty Stadium have taken the Swans to within 90 minutes of the jackpot.

But when the Wembley roar fades and his contract expires at Stamford Bridge next month Borini, 20, will join the Blues' brain drain - with Parma ready to offer him sanctuary in Serie A.

Only promotion to the Premier League gravy-train looks likely to stop him returning to Italy, and last night he fired a parting shot at Chelsea - whose potless season did not even carry the distinction of establishing any home-grown youngsters in the first team.

Borini said: "I don't need to remind Chelsea what I can do because they already know - I've been top scorer for the reserves - and sometimes you need to be honest with yourself.

"I need to go away from Chelsea to play regular football, even if it's with a smaller team in a smaller league.

"Most of the young players at Chelsea have had to do the same thing.

"Scott Sinclair, who plays at Swansea now, Jack Cork, Jeffrey Bruma, Patrick van Aanholt and Michael Mancienne all went through the same thing. I would not say we share the same frustration, but we all need the same honesty.

"Although I am still young, I have been at Chelsea for four years now and I feel I have wasted the last six months of my career.

"When you are young, you are not patient about anything, so every game I play now is like an explosion.

"All I am concentrating on is the Wembley final - after that, we will see what the future holds for me.

"If we win, I would be happy to play for Swansea in the Premier League if they want me to come back, and if we lose there is the same chance that I might go elsewhere.

"It's like a Champions League final for us - except some of the boys have been telling me this game is worth more than the Champions League final because it's the richest club match in the world.

"I feel quite at home in Swansea - it is not like life in London, but it is a good life which allows me to concentrate on my football.

"And Brendan Rodgers [once Borini's reserve-team boss at Chelsea] is a good manager and a great person who knows me very well. He is like an uncle because he helped me a lot when I was at Chelsea.

"It is not just at Chelsea where young players find their opportunities are limited - Manchester United, Inter Milan and even Barcelona don't have that many young players in their first-team squads. Many of them have to go out on loan to play regular football.

"It is still a privilege to train and work every day with world-class players, and the winning mentality you learn at a club like Chelsea will last your whole career."

Borini made only four appearances for Chelsea, but his impact at the Liberty - where he snaffled two goals on his debut against Nottingham Forest in March - made him an instant hit with the 40,000 Swans fans who'll be heading for Wembley on Monday.

Source - MirrorFootball

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Such a shame.

You can just see his frustration in his quotes. And he's dead right about the other players he's named. At least one of them has committed (or should I say, we've committed to). Van Aanholt.

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Guest justin_3d

Great article there about Borini.

I was wasting my time at Chelsea, Says it all.

This is why i back a new manager that will play youth. I think Guus might do a better job then Carlo in that respect.

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I think the compenstation would be like with Sturridge and Man City, based upon appearances made in a certain number, and if he will be called up for international duty. Might get some cash up-front, but nothing major, i don't think.

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This is the cost of being over ambitious, just because Roman wants so called potential stars to get the holy grile they tend to miss out those who with them. Clear case of One in hand is worth 2 in the bush. I dont say everyone from the youth/reserve team should be promoted to the senior side, atleast talent should be handled with respect. Doesnt seen it happen at Chelsea. his frustration says it all. All the Best, Borin.

I hope this is an indication to the board/owner that there could be others (more talented players) leaving.

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