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Pienaar reveals why he didn't join Chelsea

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I really do not Care what was the Reason.... All I care is that we snub this type of player. He will never add nothing to the team... nothing that Yoshi can do also... SO ..1 is enough....

We need player like Sanchez, like Kun, Like David Luiz.... Neymar... with Future no the kind is going down....

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Kakuta > Pienaar.

In terms of ability, potential, and it seems, also in attitude. Pienaar is a money-grabbing whore. He knows he'll be on the bench.

Hey, we might see him at Cobham... for Spurs reserves.


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Bitter much? laugh.gif

Yes, very bitter, because it seems he is yet another player motivated by money.That is something that disappoints me greatly with the modern footballer - it is no longer a case of loyalty to clubs (those days have long gone, even 'loyal' players like John Terry need £30,0000-a-week wage increases as incentives to stay), or even about ambition - nowadays people just want the most money. It doesn't matter if its Barcelona or Blackburn, people will go where the money is.

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