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Conor Clifford and Josh McEachran


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Morning fellow Blues

Ive just made an account on this forum and i was thinking of an introductory thread and i thought of this - Josh McEachran and Conor Clifford when they play together there seems to be a real understanding between the pair of them.

This struck me espeically from watching our run in the FA youth cup win last season, that they are always in the right position's to cut stuff out, tackle and recieve the ball to change the emphasis from defence to attack.

They are diffrent type's of players but seem to compliment each other perfectly, Josh is the flashy player who can pick a pass out of no-where, dart past players like they aint even there and is so wise beyond his tender age where as Conor is a battler, will get stuck in and let opposing midfield's know he is there which will also mean protection for Josh incase any other player tries to kick him about. He (Conor) has also got a mean shot on him aswell.

Mix both abilities together this has the potential to be a dynamic midfield partership.:smiliecap1:

follow me on twitter @Warren__9 and KTBFFH

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Hey mate, great first post!

I've moved it to the Reserves and Youth Teams forum for now, however :)

Stick around a keep posting like this, top stuff!

I agree with you, there seems to be a special dynamism between the two of them. It strikes me to be very similar to the relationship between Lampard and Makelele, or even Gerrard and Alonso at Liverpool. The two players compliment each other very well because they are such different players - I see Clifford as a future box-to-box player in the Gerrard/Lampard role, whilst McEachran strikes me as someone who could be like Xavi. The closest English football has produced to such a deep-lying playmaker is Michael Carrick - McEachran's pure natural ability will put that one right.

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Very true i have mates that are Argyle fans and not 1 of them has a bad word to say about Connor he really has helped steady them in the league.

From what ive heard Carlo rates Conor and will give him a chance some-where along the line.

As for Josh what can i say that has not alreay been said by a million people (me included) a million times??

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Josh and Connor do work well together for sure and this is because they are top class. Both have already shown that they are more than capable playing with the big boys. With a holding midfielder behind them they are very difficult to stop, with Josh creating chances and Connors drive through midfield it is a very potent midfield. I hope they both go on to do big things for Chelsea and i am sure they will.

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These 2 seem to be the real "break through" academy players we've got. Let's not forget Kakuta is from Lens & Sturridge is from City.

Clifford and McEachran have been with us for a while, and that's why their partnership is so great. It's something we, as England fans, always hoped Gerrard and Lampard would establish - But we see what happens in that aspect. The big question is, will Clifford's breakthrough come with Ancelotti?

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Don't get too happy - You know Carlo ;)

But if he does start McEachran then I'll be over the moon because a) Josh is only 17 and he's already being drafted in - whilst others are fit & B) It'll teach Essien he needs to improve

Hahah yea Trust me I realize Carlo picking Josh and Sturridge to play a full 90 mins is a looong shot, but Iv just got a gut feeling. Cant wait for this Game :drunk: Tomorrow could be the start of a New Chelsea!

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Pity Clifford is overage for youth cup. Would like to see him & mceachran partner on thursday! Do you think maybe carlo is grooming Josh for a deep lying midfielder and clifford as more of a lampard role?

also I would of thought Clifford would of being snapped up on loan?

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Peter Reid disappointed over losing Chelsea’s Conor Clifford

Plymouth Argyle manager Peter Reid has said he is not happy about losing Conor Clifford ahead of the upcoming Christmas period. The young Chelsea player was on loan at Plymouth, and was planning to extend his stay at the club. However, the Football League put an end to the deal, and the 19-year-old will be unable to stay for a third month. Under the emergency loan arrangements, Plymouth and Chelsea had agreed that the youngster could remain at the club for the third month, which would be his last before he moved back to Stamford Bridge.

The Football League stated that they viewed the agreement for a third month as a new loan agreement, which is why they couldn’t let it go through. Thus his registration for Argyle was declined, which was a big disappointment for Reid. The Plymouth manager admitted that he was gutted after hearing the news that the player would soon be returning to London. The youngster has so far made over eight appearances for the Pilgrims, and has been very impressive. The Ireland under-21 International has had a major influence on the team at Home Park, which is why he will be missed.

Reid told reporters, “Obviously, we're all bitterly disappointed he won't be with us. The boy was sick, really gutted when he was told he wouldn't be staying. He's done great for us and been a leader and shook people up, but what will be, will be. But it is a blow – I've got to say that. He brought enthusiasm and energy to our play in the middle of the park, and has been a breath of fresh air.”

Argyle skipper Carl Fletcher also voiced his disappointment over the fact that Clifford would be leaving the squad. He said, “It's a blow for us because he (Clifford) has been doing well for us of late. Of course, he was learning his trade and gaining experience at the same time, playing for us. We've just got to get on with it and not dwell on it too much.”

Fletcher is expected to return to the team, after being sidelined with an injury. Reid will be pleased to have his captain back, after having one of his best players leave the club. Reid revealed the Pilgrims captain would be available for the tough Christmas fixtures. Argyle are set to play Bournemouth on Boxing Day, and the manager is looking forward to the fixture. Reid will have a lot to worry about though, since three players will most probably be leaving the club since their contracts expire at the end of this month, and there has been no mention of bringing in new signings.

Reid confirmed that Jordan Trott, the young Plymouth-born defender, would be released by the club next month. Trott was handed a short contract in the summer, and will be out of contract this summer. However Reid said he would like to keep 18-year-old goalkeeper Oliver Chenoweth, and Southampton left-back Lee Molynex at the club. Molynex was rewarded with a five month contract after he impressed in the trials. However, because of financial issues, Reid was not certain if he could retain the two players, he said, “Well, it's a problem isn't it, because we're under an embargo? I will be having a chat with the lads personally to see what way we can get around it.”

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I need 2 know more about Connor Clifford, I already know the skills of McEachran.

Conor is the opposite he is more of a battler.

Type his name down on youtube there are quite a few vids there thumbsup.gif

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Question is. Will they last, or be sold?

Depends on how well they do at their respective loan outfits and whether or not they're enjoying it there. You obviously don't want them to enjoy themselves too much else they would want a permanent move in the summer. That may sound strange, but If they aren't guraranteed a first team place here soon, they might want to stay where they are for the good of their development as a player.

I fear that a little bit!

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