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I felt disgusted at having to sign for Chelsea


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"I'm coming home, this is a meeting I've been waiting for ever since I left Marseille,' the Ivory Coast striker was quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper.

"I was disgusted at having to sign for Chelsea. That may seem strange but that's how I felt. No offence but Chelsea didn't mean a whole lot in France. It didn't mean much to me.

"I knew they were great footballers but it wasn't my team. It wasn't my OM. 'I just didn't have any desire to be part of their team."

His passion and love for Marseille has been well documented.

In his autobiography, Drogba revealed the devastation of leaving the club for Chelsea.

He was quoted: "How can I explain this passion which borders on insanity? Words sometimes fail me. This virus has spread through my blood, the blood of a long-time fan.

"I loved this club even before I joined it. I fell head over heels for it. One season was all it took to steal my heart."



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Lol to be fair, this reflected his first season here. He didn't look as good as we thought he'd be. He came to life in his 2nd season, more or less, after the rumours of Shevchenko (and his subsequent) arrival came. I understand his point though, we weren't that big of a club when we went for him, I'm sure he'd rather Manchester United or Arsenal go for him. But thank god the bargain (on his part) paid off :)

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This is a quote from his autobiography:

"I was disgusted. I realised that signing for Chelsea was disgusting. It's hard to explain."

"I said to myself 'I couldn't give a damn' (that Marseille have accepted a bid)," he said.

"Maybe that's going to shock supporters of Chelsea, but I didn't want to leave.

"I even did some things that were almost absurd, in order not to go to Chelsea, such as during the medical.

"Going to the hospital in Paris, I was praying they would find a problem with my knee, or a problem with anything so the move would collapse."

"I want to leave Chelsea. Something is broken with Chelsea. The damage is big in the dressing room." (That was on a DVD released in 2007 entitled "The Incredible Destiny of Didier Drogba")

'I have only one year left on my contract, so I am going to go with the flow.

'I could be wrong but I feel that in 2009 beautiful things will happen. There will also be surprises.

'But I won’t say more. If I start to speak about my future, I might say the wrong thing and that will come back to haunt me.

'Am I at the right place for 2009? Only time will tell. If we win the Champions League in May, the answer will be obvious.'

This is just an attempt by the daily mail to stir more shit in the Chelsea backroom....

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one day there will be a positive article about Chelsea in the daily hate mail ....then I will be really worried

Don't hold your breath... The higher Chelsea get, the more peope want to shoot us back down. It's all politics. The fact that a Jewish Russian billionare owns one of the most succesful teams in Europe isn't sitting well with alot of people.. I couldn't give a fuck though.. It just makes everything sweeter come May when we are lifting the title again..

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Ive read his autobiography and he was pretty much forced to leave it seems, the 24 million that Marseille got for him was what pushed him out Drogba wanted to stay but Marseille wanted the 24 million.

But this is old anyway , Drogba now loves us


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