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This is the type of player we need - a Central Winger


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If Gronkjaer knew how to cross he would have been one of the great wingers of football. The fastest white man I've ever seen! :lol:

Haha, well his crosses were alright when we first signed him. I think the arrival of Robben really marked his downfall.

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What about Kakawhistling.gif

The story is really true....and this will be popular position....

I only believed that Lassana Diara would be better on Makelele position so that's why I was mad when he left///

Ballack was good in that position of no 10.....Kakuta can do that but he will need time....

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the type pf player that we need is a right side winger who can play like ronaldo , nani , ribery , robben or alexis sanchez ...!!!

not a central winger !!! a winger should play on the wing else-wise he would just be another anelka . looking for a central winger or a midfield striker then anelka would be your man .

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I hate to say it, but Joe Cole would have fit perfectly.

They tried it at Liverpool at the beginning of the season. Didn't work.

Also, don't compliment Joe Cole here, you'll get gunned down for it.. Trust me, I know.

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