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Bets on Carlo leaving/sacked reduced dramaticly


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"‘You have to compare me with Ferguson,’ said Ancelotti, after his team’s 1-0 defeat at Birmingham on Saturday. ‘It’s a different position. Ferguson has total control of the team. I am just technical direction. Full stop.’"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1331876/Carlo-Ancelotti-I-power-Sir-Alex-Ferguson.html#ixzz15yICyIby

At this moment he is unhappy

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If its true lets hope Roman can get over himself and give more control to the Carlo. I would also like to see Ray re-instated.. But i doubt that would happen. If Carlo is doing this to stand up to Roman then i would have to agree with him. If Carlo does leave then i can see the downfall of Chelsea in near future.. Roman has taken the club to new heights since his takeover, but i believe we should be in a better place if it wasn't his firm handed tactics. As an owner he is great, but that's all he should be. Leave the football to the professionals and enjoy they silverware they bring you..

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If Ancelotti, an astute manager who is one of the most-loved and respected characters in the game, is forced to leave this club, I want the board out. This club is becoming an absolute joke in terms of the way it is run. It is impossible to expect to win every game and every trophy!

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for once I think it is time for Roman to make a statement. . I am losing all faith and trust in his advisers .Carlo is an honourable man .

This has the makings of a Shakespeare tragedy. I am not being flippant .Its not the results that have worried me most but the obvious unrest.

Time for Roman to explain and clear the air

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I think it's hard for us to comment on what's really going on behind closed doors. If what the papers are saying are true, which given their reputation it's probably not, then Roman is really getting close to the line where the owner starts becoming a problem. Fair enough he'd like to maintain some control over the club, after all he has invested a hell of a lot into this club, but he must realise that once you start messing with the actual team, problems will arise. I think Carlo could save the likes of Wilkins and Ballack if he wanted, but he probably saw Roman's point of view or something. If Roman over steps this proverbial line, then perhaps Carlo will start to say "No" to Abramovich. For all we know, Carlo could've saved many more jobs that would've gone otherwise. Maybe the contract discussions with Kakuta now are a result of Carlo pressuring the board into doing so. All we can go on right now, is media speculation, hardly a reliable source I think.

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Also this statement

'You cannot compare me with Alex Ferguson, it is a different position,' he pointed out. 'Ferguson has total control of the team whereas I am in charge of the technical direction.'
I don't believe is frustration from Carlo, but perhaps an acceptance of the hierarchy. If he wasn't happy with this setup he would've stepped down long before, because this certainly would not be a new system within the club.
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