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Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Album Discussion)


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Not a fan of West's rapping anymore but this was a great & very creative album. Unlike Kid Cudi, Kanye actually carries on the rhyme tradition (at least the basics of it) while orchestrating it with a sound that's professional as fuck, & I'd say, the first of its kind in hip hop. The sound/production of this might be a new revolution in hip hop production all together & probably set off a new age of the art. Dre himself, if he ever plans to drop, will have light years ahead of him to catch up with this.


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Having heard the full album now, properly all I can really say is.. Pure Genius. Kanye West is one of the, if not the only, artist who can switch up their style so well and be able to produce such a hit like this.

Totally a different album in hip-hop (production wise), you're certainly right TX, Dre must be in awe of this. Kanye West is turning into a fab producer (as he has been for a while). He's the only artist to go mainstream but not properly sell out. Can't get enough of this album, perhaps one the best of 2010?

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Spot on, TX. Downloaded it yesterday and listened to the whole thing. I've always liked Kanye and respected that he was able to change styles. This album is different than his others, and speaks volumes of his versatility. There are a number of quality tracks on here but I would say "Blame Game" is my favorite.

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I get the feeling that Kanye was crafting these joints like a scientist, and was insanely in love with each and every last snare, string, sample and melody. It was a risk to make tracks 7 and 8 minutes long, but he manages to pull it off. I listen to 'Blame Game' which lasts 7:49 minutes and it feels like 3 minutes long. He doesn't do himself justice with his public antics, but he's up there with Primo, Dre & RZA imo.

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