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Batman 3 title revealed


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The Dark Knight was amazing. There will never be a better bad guy than The Joker. Especialy when Heath Ledger was playing him :(

Thats true, Although i do believe there are other actors out there who could have done just as well... Would love to see Christolh Waltz get a crack as a villan.. That dude makes my skin crawl...

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I HATE! superhero movies. But i love Nolans batman, just love them.

That Marvel shite is just typical garbage for me, especially that avengers and all those stupid super heroes going to do the typical hero vs villain fight save the world.

Batman has real good charactors, villains with great gimmicks.

The thing i love abouts Nolans batman though, is that he makes it so realistic, much more real life. Just the way how he did it with the crime in the city, the gangsters, and Bruce Wayne having trouble with his business at first. Appearently Liam Neelson is to make an appearance in this... jesus the actors they have in this movie.

Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

And the 2nd batman was just pure genius, you always used to wonder how the Joker got away, and it was unrealistic, because how can a man possibly work his way out of trouble with just his fists etc.

But in The Dark Knight, he's a tacticial and always prepared, always has something up his sleave. His threats and everything are just top class, i love that part when he just walks into the basement when those thugs are having a meeting, and he has those grenades hidden behind his jacket. Lol classic, always gets what he wants.

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Really pumped up for Dark Knight Rises. 'The Dark Knight' is one of my favourite films. I thank Christopher Nolan for what he has done to the Batman movie franchise. Really has made it more credible and dark, which I love. It's a shame Heath had to pass away. He was the star of that movie.

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Just under 2 weeks left till the epic conclusion of Dark knight trilogy. Hype yourselves hear :dance: It's going to be a masterpiece, apparently all the company executives ranging from "Warner Bros" to the aptly named "Legendary pictures" stood clapping for 10 minutes straight when Nolan first screened it.

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