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14 Years Ago Today

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Has it really been that long?

It's gutting he isn't around today, to see how the club have gone on to win the League, challenge for the European Cup..the double etc...

But still, it did not need things like that to make him love this football club.

RIP to the great man.

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in some ways it seems so long ago..in other ways it seems like only yesterday....i often wonder how things might have turned out if he had lived..so sad that he died 7 months before we won our first major trophy in 26 years.

will never be forgotten by those around at the time...a true blue.

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I hope Mr Harding is resting in peace.

The Matthew Harding Stand will forever remain an iconic one because of his name. His blood, sweat and tears were all for Chelsea Football Club.

How can we ever forget how he put his own money into Chelsea FC, not as a business venture, but because he loved the club! Considering the Portsmouth affair now, we take it for granted that we had (and have) people who invest in the club because they believe!


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I remember being young and I didn't understand why the players are taking letters on the centre of the pitch. Then my uncle explained to me. Even then so far from London in my house I felt that he was so important for everyone there on Stamford Bridge.


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