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Drogba To Anelka: I Am Chelsea's Star


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Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has insisted he is unconcerned about the club signing Nicolas Anelka from Bolton this week.

I Am The Star The Ivorian striker, along with Salomon Kalou, is in Ghana for the African Nations' Cup, leaving The Blues short in the striking department.

Faced with losing serious ground during the coming five weeks, Chelsea have been quick to complete the signing of Nicolas Anelka from Bolton, which, while offering respite at the moment, could lead to problems.

When the Africans return, Chelsea will have five strikers at their disposal, but what is potentially more worrying is the fact that either Drogba or Anelka will have to sit on the bench unless Grant decides to change formation.

However, the Ivorian striker is unconcerned, and insists he remains the star.

"I am not arrogant, but I do believe I am a big star for Chelsea," he told the News of the World.

"When I return, I will be going at it 200 per cent because I want to win some titles this season."

"I am not worried by reinforcements in the Chelsea attack. Anelka arriving is no problem for me. It will only make the team more competent."

We Could Play Together

He also believes he can forge a strike partnership with the Frenchman.

"I've played alongside lots of other strikers at the club, and we could do the same," he added.

There have been reports that if Anelka can strike it rich, Chelsea may be willing to offload Drogba to Milan in the summer, after the striker had three separate run-ins with the club bosses since Jose Mourinho's departure.

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lol Drogba is in africa, when was this sposed to have been said :lol: Anyway, Drogba can say what he wants, there's many stars at Chelsea. Anelka will push Drogba on and Drogba will push Anelka on. They can even play together. I'm sure they'll get on well and it can only be a good thing. Its just a bit of friendly banter.

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i also hope after then if drogba does decide to star or whatever we play a formation where sheva will stil get game time and not have to sit on the bence because he is slowly comming through as we seen in the last 2 games he played before getting injured

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I cant wait to see Drogba & Anelka up front together.

I truly think they will form a great partnership and bring out the best in each other.

Well only time will tell if they will work together or if even they will get the chance considering we are pretty much exclusively playing the 4-3-3 at the moment.

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Didier Drogba does not expect to be fighting new signing Nicolas Anelka for a place in Chelsea's attack.

Anelka's £15million arrival from Bolton Wanderers has led to questions as to how Avram Grant will accommodate all his strikers once Drogba and Salomon Kalou return from the African Cup of Nations.

French ace Anelka has already expressed his belief that he will complement Drogba and expects to form a potent partnership with Chelsea's top scorer.

Drogba is of the same view and feels his pairing with the former Arsenal and Manchester City forward could be 'terrifying'.

"Anelka is a good forward, but he will only complement me rather than fighting for the position with me," Drogba told The Sun.


"I want to see a great Chelsea attack and his inclusion only makes us stronger.

"You know I speak French too, so we'll be buddies. Perhaps we can use the language to our advantage during a match.

"I'll love to play alongside Anelka and form a terrifying partnership.

"He's a great player. I know what it is to have him in our team and I am not threatened by his coming in. We will complement each other and all of us have a role to play.

"I don't think it will affect my position in the team when I return. Do people expect me to start fighting Anelka? No, we're friends.

"We all welcome him into the club. I am not bothered at all, I'll keep scoring no matter who joins us."


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