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Petr Cech will become the third best goalkeeper of the decade


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Another rough translation from our website, however I find this article really interesting.

Petr Čech will become the third best goalkeeper of the first decade of the 21st century, according to The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS). Officially it will be announced in a year, however today they revealed running results after nine years and nothing can now change Petr's position.

IFFHS announces the best goalkeeper every year. The top 20 gets points as following - the best gets 20 points, the second 19, the third 18 etc. During the spring 2011 IFFHS will announce overall points results and the best goalkeeper of the decade will be known.

Petr Čech is currently third with 120 points, the second is Iker Casillas with 157 points. Behind Čech is Oliver Kahn with 99 points, however he already retired.

This year will decide who will the overall winner be though. At the moment, the first is Gianluigi Buffon with 170 points, 13 more than second Casillas has. Therefore Buffon can afford to be even 12 positions behind Casillas.

Running results, top ten:

1. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy/Juventus) 170 points

2. Iker Casillas (Spain/Real Madrid) 157

3. Petr Čech (Czech Republic/Chelsea) 120

4. Oliver Kahn (Germany/retired) 99

5. Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands/Man United) 92

6. Dida (Brazil/free agent) 90

7. Jens Lehmann (Germany/retired) 72

8. Roberto Abbondanzieri (Argentina/Internacional) 68

9. Fabien Barthez (France/retired) 55

10. Rogério Ceni (Brazil/Sao Paulo) 53

Hopefully you get the main point.

source - sport.cz

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Reina and Frey - two notable misses. And i wouldn't put Casillas over Cech either. He has been so off form over the past 2 years. I would liken Casillas to Given - Excellent shot stopper but not so much on crosses. But a WC keeper nonetheless.

Cech is definitely a better package on a whole than him !!!

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