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Chelsea will be different


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some people think that our squad is too old and we will soon not be a great power . they are absolutely wrong ..... also others specially our fans like to think that the likes of kakuta , McEachran and Bruma can start from where terry and lamps finished , i hope it was that easy but it's not ..

well giving a look at the future after terry , lamps and Drogba will all retire chelsea will never be the same again and here is why

1-Terry & Lamps factor: why don't you try to google chelsea fc images , what did you notice ?? it's almost as if this club was built around two players (Terry & Lamps) 2 of the greatest icons in our history !!!! that is not only because they are great footballers but because what they represent while terry without a doubt will go out as one of the greatest captains in history , lampard is known for his super human statistics of 20+goals and around 20 assists from midfield , can you even imagine chelsea without those two !!!! no one can replace them , period ... those types of players can't be replaced , what you can only do is change your whole game plan as there will be no replacements for them .

2- Physical strength : chelsea has been always known for it's physical strength and was always a place fo tough players like essien , mikel , dogba , ballack ,alex and many others but if the likes of Kakuta , McEacheran , sturridge and borini are the next chelsea stars then let's just forget that chelsea were once the strongest and the most physical team on earth ... i mean really can you imagine those 4 making a big physical presence as much as Drogba alone !!!! even the players we are casing right now seems to be too small like neymar for instance ...

i love that part of our game and i love that we can out muscle any team in the world right now so i will be very sad if we lost one of our greatest strengths .

i know terry and lamps have got to retire one day and i know that chelsea will have other great defenders and midfielders but even if they were better in quality and skills they will never be terry and lamps .

i am not doubting that those great achievements we had so far was due to great team work and some other players have been just as good on the pitch as lamps and terry but i am talking about off the pitch that is where no one will be able to match those two .

also i know Kakuta , McEachran , borini , sturridge and neymar can all turn into world class stars but none of them will have the presence and power of Drogba .

so for all of those who say chelsea won't be the same .... yes , they won't be the same but hopefully they will still be a team of champions not the same terry , lamps and Drogba story but hopefully another beautiful story because let's be honest terry , lamps , Drogba , cech , essien and those goup of playes were the 1st real champions in our history that is why i think they will always be our heroes .

may be that article was supposed to be written 3 or 4 years in the future but what the hell if people are starting to talk about it from now i am gonna post it .

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I totally agree and think it is the time for Chelsea FC and the fans to start looking toward the future. Our strength and character is by far our greatest attributes, and Terry,lamps,Essein,Alex and finally Drogs are all probably the strongest in their positions world wide. The likes of Josh,Bruma,Kakuta,possibly Lukaku and Neymar are all basically adolescents they'v got mooore than enough time to bulk up and get used to the EPL and who better to learn from then Terry,Lamps,Essien,Drogs ect. I think most chelsea fans forget the talent we have loaned out for example Matic who is a top talent and can easly handle the EPL. I reckon Carlo will integrate Strength with pace and skill, If he doesn't us the fans will let him know what we think lol.

Chelsea may go through a sliight lul in the next 5 years as our youngsters get use to playing first team football week in and week out. But think about it if the likes of Josh,Bruma,Kakuta,Matic and possibly Lukaku and Neymar just to name a few, by the time there all about 25 would of had atleast 50 caps to 80 caps each thats pritty impressive and is a very solid base to work from. Anyway I dont think us the fans need to worry to much Carlo is the "Ordinary Genius" and will sort everything out. UP Blues

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What are you talking about, Lampard and Terry will always be part of CFC, also others.

They will need to sit on the bench or retire at some point, and leave place for younger players. Who knows maybe Clifford will be as exciting as Lampard. I am hoping that he will be.

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I dont know about anyone else, but injury permitting, i think Lamps could carry on playing until his late 30s. He doesnt rely on great pace on great strength. He relies most on his footballing brain, his ability to time runs into the box from deep is second to none. I would be really suprised if Lamps WASNT starting for us in 3 / 4 years time!

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