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New Kits 2008/09

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Use this thread to discuss new kit rumours and pics etc... :thumbsup:

I came across this pic of the supposed new Liverpool shirt. theres a Chelsea shirt to the right.


There is a slight possibilty this could be real as it's the new template. I hope not, look at that collar. :mouthclosed:

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i doubt the real pics will be out already, i mean, theres always been roumers about new kits, but the actual final design has been different. It might be similar but i doubt it will be it just like that, its too soon. Similar collar to our legendary coors shirt from 95/97, only difference being white. nice to see the yellow hint return. The neck shape is also similar.

Its not bad, i doubt its the real thing but if it is, its ok.

I just hope we dont start this 1 year then change trend shit. Villa have done it for 10 years. Man Utd are doing it now. All the foreign teams do it. Theres maybe only a handful of teams in the prem that keep their home shirt for 2 seasons.

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Looks very retro. Hence the reason that if that is our new kit, I'll be chopping those collars off.

You'd actually buy the shirt and then cut it to pieces? What is the point in that? Why not just say, "right, I don't like this top, so I won't buy it", like I did with our electric yellow shirt.

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Im not a great fan of collars on football shirts, so if it is the new shirt, I wont be buying it.

if there was no collar i would like it alot more lets hope its not the original :P

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