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Chelsea vs Arsenal


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This will not be a easy match at all. But we just have to win at home.

Drogba has been underperforming in his last two, three matches. Would be great if he would hit topform again against his favorite opponent.

Hoping Malouda, Anelka and Mikel will continue their great form. We will need them to defeat them.


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This will be an easier game than City. Looking at Arsenal's defence, they're nowhere near as powerful as ManCity's was. Players like Malouda, Anelka and Drogba will easily power past them, but Arsenal players fall like dominoes and referee's are starting to cave under pressure from Wenger's stupid rants.

We know Song will be playing in that defensive line so he'll give Drogba a bit of action, but the deadly duo of Cole & Malouda will rape them down the left flank, with Sagna as right back we'll be bombing down there.

There's a chance Fabregas will play, but I have a feeling Wenger won't risk it, even if he does Essien and Mikel will be on him in a flash. If we close down Fabregas then the service to Arse-shaving and Chamakh will be limited. Our defence should be strong enough to withstand their attack.

The key men Chelsea will need to look out for will be Nasri & Chamakh. These 2 have been on good form for Arsenal, however with our French players, we should be able to figure out how to keep them quiet.

Drogba always comes to life when playing Arsenal, he's got a personal duel going on with them and there's no doubt he's looking to get some goals in this game. Almunia is having a nightmare as it is and there's still no guarantees about Fabianski's capability in goal.

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Duno why dont feel mega confident.Think cause more Arsenal fans expect us to win and win big but aint gana be easy like that.Defo gana miss Lamps

But win this,open up the gap on Arsenal and keep the gap on Man U....So hopfully!

Good luck to those going though getting there and all

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Would rather see Josh then the both of them. Arsenal arnt physical at all and wilshere will be playing so i see no reason why not to start Josh?

We should abuse the fact that Arsenal aren`t physical. Ramires should start imo, give him more exposure.

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Im really hoping its Ramires. Like last season, we didnt beat Arsenal by outpassing them or dominating possession, rather we sat back, absorbed the pressure, used our physical strenght, attackled at the right times and caught rhem on the break a few times. Yuri Zhirkov is not a central midfielder, he doesnt get around the pitch aswell as Ramires, he isnt as defensively reliable as Ramires, he isnt as quick into challenges as Ramires, he doesnt offer the same physical attributes as Ramires does and Im dont think he is as good a passer as Ramires. It must be Ramires for this one surely.

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