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Neymar got Mad for a Penalty


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Watch this video of Neymar

He is mad with the coach, that would not let him shoot the penalty, which was committed on him.

It seems that something is wrong in the Santos Team and Neymar, that can bring Neymar soon to Chelsea :eyebrows:

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Chelsea on alert as summer target Neymar goes off the rails with Santos

By Ashley Gray

Last updated at 8:54 AM on 17th September 2010

Chelsea may have to reconsider their pursuit of Brazilian wonderkid Neymar, who has been fined by Santos and ordered to work with a psychologist after a series of worrying episodes.

The 18-year-old opted to sign a new contract with Santos rather than move to England last month, but his advisers expected a new bid from the Barclays Premier League champions next summer.

However, Neymar has since been accused of petulant and reckless behaviour, culminating in a foul-mouthed outburst against his manager on Wednesday night.

article-0-0ABEA3A0000005DC-191_468x462.jpg All smiles? Neymar has apologised to his team mates after his recent behaviour landed him in hot water with Santos

The gifted forward also argued with captain Edu Dracena on the pitch after being told not to take a penalty kick and he is said to have then refused to pass the ball to any of his team-mates during the closing stages of 4-2 win against Atletico-GO.

Santos boss Dorival Junior was visibly shaken after the game and said: 'In seven years as a coach, I've never had such a problem with indiscipline.

'It is a difficult problem, grave, serious and will require effort from us all. At all times we feel that an act of indiscipline, whether from Neymar or a boy from academy, we will punish it.

'I love him, but there was a new event. We will have to act the same way (as always).'

Santos subsequently fined their starlet an undisclosed amount and in a statement warned: 'The club will demand deep changes in his behaviour on and off the field, with his colleagues and opponents and will support the player so this moment of difficulty can be overcome.'

Neymar's father admits that seeing a psychologist could help a player who has gone from happy-go-lucky teenager to a world star in a short space of time.

article-0-0AC1D365000005DC-315_468x317.jpg Playing ball: Neymar is said to have refused to pass to his team mates

Dorival Junior added: 'I don't know what is happening to him. I'm trying everything I can to help. From the moment he is out of my reach, I don't know (what happens).

'The directors are finalising details to hire that worker (a psychologist). I think that it will be interesting and beneficial.'

The coach has previously defended Neymar against criticism, but the player's crimesheet is growing at an alarming rate.

At the weekend he caused a mass on-pitch fracas by standing on the foot of a Ceara defender because he felt targeted.

In May he was left out of a match and ordered to do extra training for breaking a curfew by four hours when celebrating a team-mates' birthday.

Last month he escaped punishment from disciplinary chiefs after he accused a referee of being a thief in a post on Twitter. He argued his page was hacked, but his father has threatened a ban on his Twitter account.

Finally realising the error of his ways, Neymar apologised after learning his punishment.

'I'm here to say more than sorry and (I expect) no pardon,' he said, almost in tears. 'I acted wrongly, I left even my father and mother shocked. I'm ashamed of what happened.

'I say sorry to Dorival, sorry to Edu, who is the team captain, and to my team mates. I apologise to kids who look up to Neymar. Forgive me for what I did.'

Atletico-GO boss Rene Simoes, who witnessed the outburst against Dorival Junior warned that Brazilian football was creating a monster, while team-mates and the Santos home crowd also rounded on him.

New Brazil boss Mano Menezes handed Neymar an international debut in August, but warns he must get his act together.

'He needs to know how to behave as a stand-out player in Brazilian football and later out there in world football,' said Menezes.

'If we allow these (things) to happen with such frequency in his club, in no time it will get transferred to the Brazil team.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1312846/Chelsea-alert-summer-target-Neymar-goes-rails-Santos.html#ixzz0zlwPVakU

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Now if hes taking bitch fits its a obvious sign that he is not ready for big level football A nice example of immaturity was balotelli at inter That cause a bit of problems NEEDLESS problems

If he behaved like that at chelsea im sure Someone like Drogba Or Alex would have clocked him and the fans turning against him

Screw him Lukaku Would be a better buy He doesnt seem as a big child as neymar

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^ Let's see what great 'advice' and 'career plan' Pele and Santos come up with if his petulance continues.

From the start of this whole saga, what puzzled me most was the way everyone at Santos reacted. It was like everyone took our bid for him as a personal insult or something and it seemed that everyone in Brazil was out on a mission to stop him leaving.

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I would not go as far to say I would not ever want to see him at Chelsea. Yes, he is immature and childish. But who knows, may be he is doing all this in the hope that Santos would sell him.. Maybe he has just realized how big a chance he has blown of making it in Europe.

Anyways, I m sure if Chelsea were to go after him again, I would support the move in the knowledge that Carlo and our stars will manage to put his head right where it should be. There he is the only star player and so is expecting similar treatment. Over here he will be working with stars a 100 times bigger than him!!

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