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Carlo named manager of the month

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did the double last year ...but did he get manager of the year????

Well thats why we just have to take the manager of the month thing as a big deal, because it'll be a surprise if he did win it!

Not surprise because of how good of a manager he is, because the LMA and Premier League manager of the year prize, is usually between Alex Ferguson, regardless of Man U's season, and a manager, thats kinda done well with a club, not necessarily won anything but surprised a few people.

LMA manager of the year 2010: Harry Redknapp

Premier League: Roy Hodgson

We all love Carlo so thats all that matters :)

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No cause they vote way to early!! Had they done it a few weeks after the end of the season he'd probably won it but voting in January?!Whats the point

Well done but ahhh the curse!! Awards a jynx!

player of the year is voted earlier

the manager much later ..hodgson got his for getting fulham to the final of the europa

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Why did Hodgson get the award? Isn't the award given for league performance?

1 sympathy for losing final

2 small club with big neighbours

3 he is english

4 simples as ABC .... anyone but Carlo/ Chelsea

still Carlo has trophies and medals as consolation

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I've read that this award is a jinx many times but does anyone have actual stats to back that claim?

Hahah nah..just everything the award given out whatever club always sense of..oh dear

From recent times,Carlo won it last November.Then December we were bloody shocking!

Bullard got player of the month..game after got injured for yonks

Yeh he did deserve it..getting them to the final..but they didnt win it and missed out in Europe bit eh...nah think that ones on a whole all comps rather then prem.Ole Harry got Season one

Scholes win player of the year no doubt..he's old and plays for Man U

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