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Chelsea's global shirt sales

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Chelsea is among the top ten clubs in the world who sold more shirts in last 4 seasons. We sold more shirts than italian giants Juventus, Milan and Internazionale. Manchester leads global shirt sales followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, in that order.


the full history here:



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As a brand, we've done brilliantly over the last few years, especially with Kenyon. Pre-season tours to America and Asia have worked wonders for the club financially - arguably even moreso than winning trophies and playing in a UCL final :lol:

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BPL's huge Asian market helps in this I'd reckon. It's by far and wide the most watched league here, and though Man Utd and Liverpool (believe it or not) supporters outnumber Chelsea supporters, we're catching up real fast.

If Roman ever left and we got into serious financial problems who would these "fans" support then?

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oh of course it would happen, not denying it. We never used to fill the ground, it's strange how all these Chelsea fans have just suddenly popped out in the last 5/6 years

A Debt less Club whose value has risen to 600m to 700m and is one of the most massively growing clubs in the world and will probably break even next season.

A Dream club for any owner to buy if roman leaves.

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