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Chelsea Cheer As Cech Makes Speedy Recovery


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Goal-keeper Peter Cech gave Chelsea a boost this week by returning to training after recovering from a hip injury.

The influential stopper damaged his hip on December 23 at Blackburn, but is now aiming to step into the first team this weekend.

“Recently I have been training hard, returning to fitness and the injury reacted very well,' he said.

“So hopefully I am on the way back. If nothing changes, I should join the team tomorrow and I hope I will stay there on the pitch as long as I can.

“It was quite a long time I was injured with first my calf and then I played only a few games and I was injured again - so I hope I stay fit in the new year.”

The Czech international revealed that he was already suffering with slight pain in his hip before the Blackburn game, but decided to take a risk in playing, a decision which ultimately backfired.

“We took a little bit of a risk and I tried to play this game,” he admitted.

“Unfortunately at the end of the game the injury was worse and they didn't allow me to play again. Since then I have been sidelined.”

On the issue of sidelined players, Cech took the time to publicly support team-mate John Obi Mikel, who will be suspended for three games after being dismissed for a lunge-tackle in the Carling-Cup semi-final on Tuesday against Everton.

“Mikel is fundamental to us. When we lost him it was hard to find the way to play again and it was difficult to get the win but he has nothing he needs to say to us because he went into the challenge to get the ball.

“He didn't want to hurt the player, he just wanted to get the ball.

“The refs are more focused on this kind of challenge and everybody has to adapt but on the pitch in that moment, the players are only focused on the ball.”

Lets hope cech doesnt rush back to early and that he 100% confident that he wotn redamage his hip, cos thats the last thing we need right about now with hilario scarring me with every single cross that goes into the middle..

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hilario dont scare me so much anymore,last conceded a dozen goals in the space of about 2 weeks or so like last time so woo.

And hoping that to mainly cause he was rushed back to early anyway which caused him the problem.Still woooness

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yeah I agree.. especially since Cech made 2 big big errors in his last 3 games. It was a psychological thing.. he is still the best goalkeeper in the world, but I don't want to rush him back aswell with him being less than 100% confident in his ability

It wasnt really psychological, it was physical - he simply wasnt fit to play and shouldnt have been risked.

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