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Favourite Film?


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Good shout for V for Vendetta.

Varied tastes from ''Horton hears a Who'' to ''Anti Christ''.

All of Kubricks films are top notch -Clockwork Orange, 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Full metal Jacket.

Watched an absolute underated Gem the other day. True Romance. Fantastic. From Brad Pitts absolute stoner, to Gary Oldmans psychopathic drug dealing red indian Rasta ''Drexl'' it is superb.

Apart form an excellent soundtrack -(checkout ''the beach'' by Hans Zimmer) , the scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is worth the price of the DVD alone ..''cause you, you're part eggplant''. Best scene in movie history.

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impossible to list ..am trying to make a random list

8 1/2 ( by Fellini)

Silence, through the glass darkly, the seventh seal (Ingmer Bergman)

400 blows

band of outsiders, alphaville, breathless ( jean luc godard)

chinatown, rosemary's baby (Polanski)

2001 a space odyssey , full metal jacket, the shining, clockwork orange, the killing , Dr Strangelove (by kubrick)


the untouchables



Taxi driver, raging bull, goodfellas, casino, the departed ( by scorsese)

The Experiment

Cache, Funny games (1997) , The code unknown (Heneke)

Pulp fiction

Jacob's ladder

Annie hall, Manhattan, Match point ( by woody allen)

Fight club

The following, Memento ( by Nolan)

Cinema Paradiso

Very long engagement

Before sunrise, Before Sunset

Seven samurai, Rashomon, Ran ( by kurosawa)

The Matrix, bound ( by wachowski brothers)

V for vendetta

city of god



The judgement of Nuremberg

Inherit the wind

12 angry men


Mullholand Drive, Blue velvet ( by david Lynch)

Ringu .....and many more

And all Satyajit Ray's movie , he is the only Indian director who got the Oscar lifetime achievement awards

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