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Bruce Buck the Comedian

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Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck. Dead-on for Larry David. Perhaps has a similar sense of humor – who knew?

Take his remarks in today’s match programme for example …

“Joe Cole has gone to a small club somewhere north of the M25.”

Apparently this little dig – if you can actually call it that – has struck a nerve with the Anfield faithful. Come on now. There was no malice in that. At all. It’s all fun, ya know.

I’m just glad to know the Bucky is a real human being, and not just another drone in the hierarchy. Well done to you sir, for livening things up a bit.


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this is a great quote on the matter..

The comments from the Liverpool fans about Chelsea buying success is comical. They need to learn their history. In the 80's there were 5 clubs who arrogantly called themselves "The Big 5." They were Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Everton. Those 5 clubs who were motivated by greed decided to push for greater TV revenue, and for the big clubs to keep the greater share of the TV money. ie to reduce the "trickle down" effect through the leagues that was in force then. This resulted in the formation of the Premier League which has increased the gap between the top league and the rest, threatened financially the very clubs in the lower leagues who are the lifeblood of the game by their nurturing of new talent, and who are responsible for Sky TV basically running football to suit them often to the detriment of the fans. Chelsea at the time opposed this. Now of course with our game attracting foreign investment those same teams have moaned about Chelsea buying success. Funny


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