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General Media Bullshit

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I dont even deem this paper worthy of me wiping my arse with it. Its got enough shit on it already.

Utter bollocks, "Why we hate Chelsea, and dont make any intention on being subtle" will be the next story in there.

Pathetic views, pathetic journalists, pathetic paper..

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It is a bit of sensational journalism -''ohh lets write its the Fall of Roman empire'' etc after one defeat. Good Grief !

But to be fair, Oliver Holt who writes for the Mirror is usually spot on with his analysis of Chelsea.

Lets laugh at Liverpool instead ! Not only the result but 17 000 attendance. looks like the Asians and irish have abandoned their beloved Liverpool now as well.

Oh no, hang on it was a stay away protest at Gillette and Hicks.

Yeah Right.

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Stay away protest hah!!! Thought they were mena be the best supporters in the country..great support if they didnt show protest or not you do that outside the ground...

Anyo what a load of crap.One defeat.Mean every year in the CC they go on about Arsenal amazing youth team and how they'll win them trophies..which hasnt happened and the players seem to seperate

Shit paper.Shit article

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Seriously...what the fuck?

Petr Cech is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he could be the number one at Chelsea for another 10 years or more, what goalkeeping crisis?

Jeffery Bruma recently earned his first senoir cap for The Netherlands and is an excellent prospect at centre back, learning from Alex and Terry, and previously Carvalho, he will only get better.

Van Aanholt did well last night, esentially he is the 3rd choice left back but looks like he has all the tools to make it.

Gael Kakuta set up one last night and is one of the top prospects in Europe, a young player any club would love to have in their ranks.

Daniel Sturridge was very poor last night but he is still a top prospect, one bad game does not make you a bad player.

As he rightly says McEachran was stunning last night and also looks like a real top notch prospect.

Thats not mentioning the likes of Delac, Kalas, Rajkovic or Matic who are all out on loan. I think we have all the makings of a great young team.

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Talk about an overreaction. The whole point of journalism such as that is to wind up Chelsea fans and the club itself. I'd say it's worked, judging from you lot :lol: Interesting read actually, although I think the writer is certainly confusing correlation and causation, and making sweeping generalisations - two things unfortunately increasingly common in journalism these days.

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