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Scouse Scum

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After Chelsea took the famous banner to Liverpool stating 'Welcome to Liverpool, a trophy free zone' the scouse decided to retaliate in the most bitterest way possible, they have made a banner saying 'Chelsea dodgy helicopter zone'! They are planning to bring this to Stamford Bridge on the 19th of december to taunt the Chelsea fans. In my opinion this is disgraceful and I feel they have taken it to far, although the banner isn't really excellent it is still disgusting. Chelsea do not make banners slating the 96 that died at hillsborough but they slate our deaths. This is the reason I hate scousers so much!



here is the link to the banner

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i used to do bubble writting like that when i was in year 3. They wont use that, they might just use the idea. Its below the belt tho, you would think they would just count their trophies to ours or something, anyway fuck them. Haysel And Hillsbrough was both their fault the tire jacking filth. And they paid for it.

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WTF!!!!Sick sick sick!!!!Yet they throw hissy fits when anyone mentions Hillsborugh and that goes off topic but wtf!Our banner is true,its not hurting/offending/gah!anyone but arg!!!!

That banner is offenseive!Not only because of what it says but because of how shite it is!Then again from Liverpool fans what can you expect?Hard to nick staionary obiviously,

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i will be surprised if the law & cfc let them bring it to the bridge as things like that cause trouble , and m.harding is special to cfc , so they should respect , like we do even if blame for hillaboro , can be levelled to them , but we respect the dead ,

but them low life scumbags have a warped sence of respect

enery year when we visit anfield i visit the memorial , out of respect of fellow supporters ,

but if i see a flag that shows on respect , it works two ways , & there are the songs we can sing that they wont like :whistling:

i hate them scouse gits more <_<

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