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Danny Sturridge

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You can talk about your Pato's and your Neymar's all you like, But i think Danny Sturridge has a huge future ahead of him. Learning from great players like Didier Drogba, Anelka etc, all great strikers, He can easy turn into one of the worlds best. His pace is lethal and his finishing seems to be top notch aswell. Can hold up the ball and can be a little greedy but you like to see that in a striker. Last season he started a few FA Cup games and found the net 4 times, I think with game time this year can get upto 15 goals for us. Great impact sub to have. Discuss. blue%20scalf.gif

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i wasn't quite sure about him before this preseason but now i am really impressed with what i have seen so far although his decision making is not quite good right now but that he can easily get with experience and more games ....

but the problem is that i don't think he can play as a winger he is a lot better as a CF or SS and in the presence of Drogba anelka and kalou i don't think he will get enough chances as a a striker . may be in the near future when Drogba and anelka gets old or when carlo knows that kalou is a shitty player it will be his time to shine .

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He'll be our next main striker. The experience he'll get along side Drogba will be great, I'm sure he'll be on bench a lot this year, coming on in most games. He may even start a few when Drogba or Anelka are injured.. Only good things can lie ahead with the kid

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