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Frank Lampard

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To the tune of..."You are my sunshine....."

You are our Lampard....our Frankie Lampard

You make us happy....when skies are grey

A Chelsea die-hard....not that cunt Gerrard

So please dont take our Lampard away


Or an alternative ending...."because him and Torres are definitely gay"

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OK..i have No clue what SOD means in Britain. But from what I know

SOD: Disgusting and Despicable

SOD: Person who engages in SODomy!!!


You could use anyone of these as an adjective for Gerrard. :rolleyes:

I thought this was enough.

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When I use the word sod I use it in the sense of "cheeky sod" if my brother tries to take the piss or something. I am not calling him a fudge packer am I? He's just being a bit cheeky.

Guess it has different meanings this side of the Atlantic eh.

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hmm....Different Cultures....Different meanings.

as FAG on this side of atlantic means Cigrettes or Smoke and FAG in UK means a child working for his daily earnings...right..? I ve been a victim of this "different culture different meanings" thingy before. :rolleyes:

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