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Hull vs Chelsea

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Hull City versus Chelsea F.C.

FAPL, 09 Jan 10, KC Stadium, 1245 KO

2008/09 corresponding fixture - Hull City 0-3 Chelsea (Lampard, Anelka, Malouda)

2009/10 reverse fixture - Chelsea (Drogba, Drogba) 2-1 Hull City (Hunt)


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Arsenal and Bolton game tonight (their game in hand) postponed so chance to least keep the gap/widen it sorta thing till they do play..god knows when that be but hey

but yeh aint gana be easy,agree with whats been said either a draw or narrow win..hopfully for us but these days who knows.But if we can play how we then Sunday then hopfully..result go our way

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Its on the telly so hmm.Saying that though the Carling Cup games were due to be on telly and cancelled.If it snows Friday night/Saturday night can see it being cancelled for the same reason the other 3 games have been safety and all.And looks to be meant to snow again up North so its possible..and should it go ahead hope for all the fans who gone up there that we win!

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On the official site it says that Hull have never had to cancel a match for cold weather. There's always a first time.... I'm not very optimistic about the snow, and just hope it clears.

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The lastest news

Hull City officials are to meet with the match referee and police tomorrow to decide if Saturday's scheduled clash between the Tigers and Chelsea can go ahead.

Given the recent poor weather, there are safety concerns regarding the approaches to the KC Stadium.

The fixture is scheduled to kick-off at 12.45pm.

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