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Drogba's State of Mind

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"I would rather lose in the semi-final than a final in Europe," Drogba told reporters. "The semi-final you are upset for two or three days but to lose a final hurts for years."

I remember the joy of defeating Liverpool to make the final like it was yesterday, but this quote by Drogba after the game has always stayed with me. It came the morning after we beat them and yes the quote itself makes sense but it's the type of thing that you keep in the back of your mind, instead of letting both the media and your team mates involuntarily absorb the message too.

if you believe in yourself and your teammates you don't come out with a comment like that in the aftermath of a glorious result for Chelsea football club. These type of comments set you up for a fall, the great champions league winners like Zinedine Zidane will have been focused on only one thing and that's winning.

Dwelling on possible implications of losing wouldn't be something discussed publicly and available for other players in the dressing room to hear. If a key player like Drogba is already thinking about losing (publicly) this just sends out all the wrong messages to the rest.

and of course we all know what happened to him that night.


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I remember him playing very well against them on the opening day of the 04/05 season; his debut. He set up Gudjohnsen for the winner. But you're quite right; he never does seem to play well against United. Maybe in April, he'll atone that.

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