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Buying Power Is Not Exclusive To Chelsea

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Daily Mail

Buying power is not exclusive to Chelsea, says boss Grant

Avram Grant admits that Chelsea no longer have the field to themselves when it comes to splashing the cash on big name signings.

The arrival of new owners at both Liverpool and Manchester United has given the Blues stiffer financial competition during the transfer window.

Grant is already looking at strengthening his squad with four players destined for the African Nations Cup next month and an injury to captain John Terry set to deplete his squad at a crucial period of the season.

United and Liverpool have both overtaken Chelsea's spending this season and while the Blues have made a conscious effort to reduce their outlay, Grant admits it is now more difficult to snap up the players they want.

Grant said: "Two or three years ago it was much easier because Man Utd and Liverpool didn't have the money to spend like they do now.

"Now there are new owners at a lot of clubs so you have to be smart and clever and take the right person who is good for you.

"I don't think the money will be a problem here if we want the right player. But the financial competition is between more clubs than it was two or three years ago.

"Money alone doesn't bring you change. You need a combination of money and the right way of thinking to take a club forward. But without money it is very difficult."

Grant makes no secret of his dislike of the African Nations Cup situation that will rob him of strikers Salomon Kalou and Didier Drogba along with midfielders Michael Essien and Mikel John Obi next month.

The Israeli coach accepts there is little he can do to prevent the players from going to the tournament but says that FIFA should look at the problem.

Grant said: "We need to think about this. But if we want a top player I don't think we would not look at signing him because he would play in the African Nations

"The situation is very complicated and I cannot say I am happy about losing four players. It is very disappointing and I think FIFA needs to think about this situation. We also will think about it. I don't think we would not sign a top player because of it.

"It is complicated and it is not good for us. But for the moment we can do nothing about it."

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Makes a player choose really.And less 'oo Chelsea buy the league blah blah' considering not the only team to splash out now.Then again Liverpools owners arent as 'ooo have some money' etc etc

And the ACN is at a stupid time!If a player got injured during that then that could ruin his whole rest of the season etc.

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