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Top at Christmas!


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in the 2004/05 season we were top at Christmas, and we went on to win the league..

and in the 2005/06 season we were top at Christmas, and went on to win the league again

how many times have we won the league if we win it this year = 4

how many points are we top at Christmas this year = 4


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Its a bloody great omen in my view. In spite of poor recent form, if, in August, you'd have offered me Chelsea being top by four points at Christmas, I'd have bitten your hand off. Its a great position to be and we have the chance to push on in 2010 and put 2009 behind us.

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Well the bottom team at xmas always seem to go down (even tho i'm sure pompey wont), so hopefully it works the other way round too. Man Utd and Liverpool really just don't look good this season and we really should be at least 8 points clear but credit to some of the lesser teams for giving some fight lately against the big boys. I'm so sure we'll win it, if we don't i'll be surprised as the other teams just don't look good enough and look like they could lose at any time. We're coming up to the period without Didier, i would like us to try the 4-5-1 with Anelka on his own up top and see if it works. It's worked well in the past.

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