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I hate Stephen Hunt!

the wes

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Cech was on the verge of being the best goalkeeper in the world till that cunt stephen hunt destory Cech

i wouldn't lost sleep if we were going to sell Cech because he costs to many error now

how many times has Cech be found in no man's land this season

i rate reina better than cech

stephen hunt do not go down dark alley's i am going do you in 2rz2jwi.jpg

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Hunt is a right cunt for what he did to Cech, yes but that was in the past.

Cech was at fault today for conceeding two stupid goals but not without the help of the defense and an unlucky moment with sahas goal. But for me the first goal Cech should of been there, the ball was hardly moving fast at all and he was very slow off the line.

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Look, just take a minute to consider how flukey and lucky Everton's goals were.

For the first goal, it took a fortuitous flick off of Terry onto the post and then onto Cech's back. Purely bad luck.

For the second goal it was Terry and Carvalho at fault; they both fluffed their opportunities to clear. The Carvalho was lying on the floor; the ball took a wicked bounce off of him and Yakubu fired past Cech.

The third goal was Drogba relieving the pressure but by doing so, the ball took a deflection off Saha and then looped over Cech.

Mistakes; yes. But pure bad luck as well! We could make exactly the same mistakes later on in the season but get away with them.

All I'll say is get on with it; its one game.

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A loss in form? LOL, that's why he's got the best defensive record in the PL. Right?


Thats more to do with the defense and not just Cech...If you see him without those blue tinted glasses of yours you'd realise that he has been caught in no man's land on numerous occasions. And the defense has bailed him out on quite a few occasions...

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Rate Reina above Cech? Seriously that is just a joke, people talk about keepers like Reina, Van Der Saar, Buffon ect... and claim they are better than Cech, we see Cech every game but chances are the most you will see of the others are highlights... Keepers get a lot of blame for conceeding goals, do we think Cech is perfect? Of course not but who is? How many people have honestly seen enough of Buffon to say he is better than Cech? How can you honestly see that keepers like Reina and Van Der Saar make as many or more mistakes than Cech and claim them better....

We are damn lucky to have Cech as our keeper because top class keepers are a rare rare thing. I wouldn't take anyone over Cech at all..

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I agree Cech hasn't been the same since that tackle but he is alos playing behind a weaker defnece than a few years ago. He is still only young and often keepers go through dodgy spells (if you can call this a dodgy spell)

As a previous poster said, quality keepers are hard to find and it would be foolish to get rid, a young keeper to out pressure on him would be a start, but it is difficult to find quality keepers who are willing to sit on the bench most weeks.

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I hate "The Hunt" more than any other footballer in the world.

It is not just because of what he did, but how he ran away laughing afterwards, and even tried to play the victim.

There are several other footballers that I hate, but none as much as "The Hunt".

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