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Sheva's Tribute To Cfc Fans

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Shevchenko tribute to Chelsea fans

tribalfooball.com - December 20, 2007


Andriy Shevchenko is grateful to Chelsea's fans after he was again amongst the goals for this week's Carling Cup victory over Liverpool.

"I want to thank the fans, they are very important to me. They have given me big support and when I play I am very happy.

"I am very happy with the game. We did a good job; it was a very difficult game. Two good teams and it is very difficult to play against Liverpool," said the Ukrainian striker.

Awwww thanks Sheva :P

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its good to see the fans are always behind him and i'm pleased with the way he's been playing lately. He hasn't scored a huge amount of goals, but playing on his own i think he did a good job vs arsenal and liverpool. Was really pleased he scored against liverpool the other night. Made my night.

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I think he'll always get the support as long as he continues to give it 100%

Still think its tragic the way he was brought to Chelsea and the impact thats had, not just on his season but ultimately, his career. The bloke was idolised at Milan, loving his game, his lifestyle, etc........listens to Roman and suddenly everything comes crashing down. He's worked his arse off for us from day one and hasnt had anywhere near the respect a player of his quality should get.

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agreed on the pitch ive never really ever seen him put his head down until that final whistle blows and it shows how disapointed it is in himself eve though hes trying so had to give all us fans waht we want to see

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I have always loved Shevchenko, even when he was at Milan. I have never wanted a footballer to succeed as much as I want him to, and therefore I enjoy it everytime he scores.

Same here. you can always see that he is trying and when he scores its just great, like a little pressure is taken off of him. plus he is my favorite player so ;)

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He needs a hug!!He gives it 100% and so happy more then am when any other player scores when he scores because he works so bloody hard for it and needs it.

And we really (well most) have stuck by him since he's come here.Still sing his name etc.And awww we love ya to!Go score some more on Boxing day

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