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JTs dad

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What a FAIL ! OMG his son is one of the best defenders in the world also John is a captain of Chelsea and England too ,and he selling drugs ;/ If it was some weed i could understand that but cocaine ? Many people die because of this.

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oh dear..

and the video footage is very clear.

although you have to wonder why his dad has to do this, does he not accept money from jt?

Mortgage-free house and free holiday trips? Obviously he does accept money from JT. They're just plain taking the fact that their son is a millionaire for granted IMO.

Another reason for us to be a laughing stock or at least JT then. Hope this doesn't reflect badly on him, he should come out and say his dads a cock. The Sun will eat this up and try to get his captaincy taken :whistling:

It's not his fault his parents are idiots, tbf.

As we left the bar Ted told us: "My lifetime dream is to see my son put a West Ham shirt on.

"I'd die a happy man to see him walk out that tunnel. :doh:

Why not, if his dad's a West Ham supporter...

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