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Ancelotti's English

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Just heard him on the pre-match interview and his English has really improved during the course of season.

At first i thought we signed someone who figured in a gothfather movie if i listened to his English. But there's been a significant improvement!

Do you guys think it affects the results? (due to better communication etc..)

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Possibly. In fact that's a good point, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe his ability to communicate better has meant he can relay exactly what he wants doing. It has improved a lot though, unlike Scolari, who seemed to grasp nothing more than the basics. Ancelotti learnt English at school for a while, though, so its no surprise he is improving at a faster rate. I think Ray Wilkins helps out as he speaks a bit of Italian, but Carlo seems to have got what he wants from the players since the Villa defeat.

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Scolari was a drama with his English.

It's in a certain way pleasing to see that our current manager does a better job with it!

Ancelotti stated earlier this season that he couldn't say what he wanted if he was angry , so he would start swearing in Italian if that was the case!

However, every press-conference he speaks more fluently. As you say, his English classes at school together with Ray Wilkins' Italian could have had a big influence on his English and made him more capable of talking in English. But, i was wondering, didn't he took English classes during the summer and also while still at Milan?

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I've also noticed that his English has improved over the last months. It's certainly a positive thing for the players and the people who work with him, as well as the media and for himself. It must be like hell to give a press conference in a language you know about 50 words and you just can't express yourself in the way you want to.

The big difference between Ancelotti and Scolari for me was that when Scolari arrived at Chelsea, he said his English is not perfect, but it won't be a problem, he was understood everywhere he had been. Proves a bit his stubborn character he showed also later that season. Ancelotti, as it seems, is willing to improve his language skills and that's a good sign. It will take time as it is more difficult to learn another language at his age, but I think his English will be decent at the end of the season.

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