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Drogba - Keep on booing

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Didier Drogba insists he cares little when opposition supporters boo him, so long asChelsea fans continue to offer their affection.

The Ivory Coastspacer.gif international is the darling of Stamford Bridge, but is not so well thought of elsewhere in the Premier League.

Drogba,spacer.gifcurrently on international duty, was jeered by Liverpool fans everytime he hit the floor during Chelsea's 2-0 victory over the Reds priorto the international break.

But Drogba, whose goal in the 1-1draw with Malawi at the weekend ensured the Ivory Coast would take partin the World Cup finals in South Africa next summer, says defendersknow they can knock him off balance because the speed of the game is sofast.

"I think the Chelsea fans appreciate what I do for theteam, which is the most important thing," Drogba said in an interviewin this week's issue of Nuts Magazine.

"I always workhard for my team-mates. Other fans? Well, it's their job to dislikeopposition players, isn't it? Being booed is no problem.

"I'm atarget for my team-mates, getting the ball and setting up attacks - andscoring goals. Defenders also see me as a target because of this.

"Whenyou play the game at great speed, it requires very little contact toput you off balance. And I'm never afraid to put my body in the way formy team, up front or in defence. People forget that I defend well, too!"


Drogbahas scored six goals already this season, all of them in the PremierLeague, and seems at his happiest since the departure of Jose Mourinhospacer.gif in September 2007.

Drogba's Chelsea career dipped under former boss Luiz Felipe Scolarispacer.gif to such an extent that he was axed from the squad.

But after Scolari was sacked in February, Drogba's confidence re-emerged under interim boss Guus Hiddinkspacer.gif and his successor Carlo Ancelotti.spacer.gif

"I'vebeen through a lot - different coaches have different methods and,sometimes, that wasn't the best for me," admitted Drogba.

"But I'm enjoying my football. This club is my home, the team is my family. I want to stay here for a long time.

"Thecoach (Ancelotti) has been excellent for all of us. He's come in andbrought us together. Tactically, he's very clever and communicateswell. He saw that we have talented players and he creates a frame forus to perform at our best."


Much hasbeen made of Ancelotti's 'diamond' and 'Christmas tree' formations butthey have managed to get the best out of Drogba and strike partner Nicolas Anelka.spacer.gif

Anelkahas chipped in with five goals so far this season, including decisivestrikes in the Champions League victories over Porto and Apoel Nicosia.

Ancelotti's systems appear to have finally proved the pair can play together in attack.

"Some said that we couldn't play together but we've shown that we're a great team," added Drogba.

"He'sone of the best strikers in the world and he's very different to mebecause we operate in different areas. He helps me to score and I liketo help him."

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Used to hate him last season, but ever since Hiddink, theres no equal to him...He is GOD:worship:

When he kept talking about wanting to leave the club that got alot of people on his back and he was no where near the player he was a couple of seasons back. But as soon as Hiddink come into the coaching role, he started playing like a God again.

Drogba did have a serious injury and it took him time to recover but when he was out he didnt stop opening his mouth which was very anoying.

When other crowds boo him i think it just pumps him up to score a goal against them so i think its a good thing when this happenes.

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Love him or hate him.....theres no denying he's a monster on the pitch. Theres not another striker atm who comes close to him for his overall contribution to a game wether it be in attack or defence.

He has been so Jekyll and Hyde during his time hear and its understandable why some fans (including myself) got on his case about his antics. I'm glad he seems to have got his bite back. I'd rather have him playing for us than against us.

You may have noticed a few times when he's been on the deck, JT coming up to him and pulling him to his feet. He (JT) knows the score. When DD stays on his feet he's twice the player. Keep it up.

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I understand he does tend to "dive" at certain times and the "fucking disgrace" outburst was a little bit out of line, but I think it's important to back up our own players and show them support.

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My favourite player of all time , an absolute monster , the perfect modern striker. Fast , strong , an eye for goal , great touch and a powerful dribbler. Call me biased but at the moment I would not take another strker in the world game at the moment over the big Drog.

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Great when he on feet.A bloody pain when he rolls around!!

But the guy won me with his 'fucking disgrace comment' inoring the fact he went off injured and really his rolling around added time..still :D had to be said and hehe for saying it.

But yeh booing does seem to work for him.They boo..he scores and happy happy

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