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Who will be the toughest team this season for us?


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Hmmm City play on the counter but that won't be a worry for us I don't think.

Arsenal will be a big threat to us, just in a matter of head to head games I think.

Liverpool clearly aren't a the toughest team!

and Man Utd haven't really been playing well at all this season apart from a few games.

then again Wigan smashed us 3 - 1 so nothing in football is ever set in stone lol.

I would say Arse'nal

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The mere presence of Didier Drogba's name on a team sheet seems to scare Arsenal stiff.

Man Utd have had defensive problems this season as neither Ferdinand or Vidic look anything like the players they were last year , they also still have the central midfield problem.

I think Man City will be the toughest test in head to head games. Good defence , good midfield and in Adebayor they have an incredible match winner. The two games against them should be crackers.

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we seemed the strongest... tbh, just need to make sure we are not complacent.

man utd is weak with ben foster on goal!! but too bad van der sar has recovered

arsenal is also weak with its keeper....just gotta cattch on their mistake...

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The way Everton and Villa play will hurt us far more than any other team in my opinion; they can soak up pressure effortlessly with their respective systems. In terms of direct title rivals, however, it can only be United, who have had a very good start in comparison to the norm.

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Agree about Everton and welll Villa kinda proved it yesterday

Out of the others,City.They have way more to prove to themselves and to others really and they put up a good fight against Man U.

Liverpool we dont have to worry about them till the end of the season.Arsenal I think may be toughie.United,defence hopfully we can play to it but yeh out of those I reckon City

And also the dodgy teams,Wigan etc who just are a pain and the ones you dont expect to drop points to but in the end actully do.

Depends on injuries really.Who we have avaibale on the day.

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