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Ancelotti Success: This Year Or Next Year?

Which season will be more succesful for Carlo Ancelotti?  

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  1. 1. Which season will be more succesful for Carlo Ancelotti?

    • 2009/2010 Season
    • 2010/2011 Season

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Patience is a virtue - maybe. I'm going to go out on a limb here andassume that Ancelotti will still be manager of the club come the end ofthe 2010/11 season (I'm hoping that's not such a stretch). When JoseMourinho took charge in June of 2004, by the end of that year he hadwon the Premier League and the Carling Cup. With his second year incharge he had won the Premier League again and the Community Shield.It's obvious he had enjoyed success in both of his first years. ButAncelotti, will he be so famed come the end of the first two years?

Thequestion I have is a reasonable one. Although Ancelotti has told themedia he'd hope to be around five or six seasons I'm only referring tothe first two seasons in this thread because of how crucial they are tolong term success (trophies are needed to earn the respect of the fans,board, and owner - just ask our last five managers). There's lots ofthings at play here: Ancelotti has brought in new tactics, new trainingschedules, and new roles for the players. Taking those into account itmay take a season to only work out the largest kinks, and to achievefluent and flawless play (obviously). Looking at the circumstances ofnext season, unfortunately with the transfer embargo, it's a scary ideahaving no new blood to work with and nobody to strengthen the squad (Ifyou want to whine about the strength of the current squad, please go here).

It'strue that the next few games will play a huge roll on the way that manyChelsea fans would vote, but I wonder if there is a general consensusamong us fans on what to expect in the next two years. I voted2010/2011.

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I think that next season will be the more successful. You have to remember that Carlo stated he wanted to win everything with Chelsea in the NEXT 3 YEARS. I think he knows that it will take time for the team to work within the expectation that is made by the media, and so he will try and mould them in with different methods of play. I think also that we may see more youngsters being used in the team against smaller teams whe we have made the big team that can thrash the wigans and hulls. I can see Hutchinson/Manicienne maybe pushing Carvalho for more game time.

I say bring on the games, and see how Carlo's men do.

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