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Hilario or Turnbull?



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  1. 1. Who should replace Petr Cech for the Liverpool game?

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Drogba's better at diving than both of them, so he.

Nah but seriously, it has to be Hilario.

Also, just so we're all aware, Cech will be suspended for Liverpool home, Villa away and Blackburn at home. Three games where we need his height and presence inside the area. Ouch.

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Well I think it's a three-game ban for a straight red card, but there are instances where the length of the ban is reduced by an independent committee. However by the letter of FA law, robbing a player of a "clear goalscoring opportunity" is a three-game ban.

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Is Cech really banned for three straight games ?

I can´t rememeber how the Clown Organization handles it...

Well, we´ve lost one game, it is the desperatly needed wake up call. Everyone but Ancelotti was too confident if you ask me. The boys played like the game gets played by itself because it is Chelsea playing.

And if may say that against all the haters, and no i am not biased cause he is german ( ;) ) , we really missed Ballacks control and overview today.

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Well for me i would choose Hilario any day of the week, I was watching Ross warm up alot while i was over in england and he was very frustrating to watch. He doesnt seem like he can hold the ball, whether its nerves being in the Chelsea squad i dont know but he did not seem confident at all. Even our goal keeping coach Lollichon seems annoyed at him alot of the time, esspicially at the Stoke game, and from what i saw he did not look happy with the way Ross was progressing. But that being said i no jack all on what happens behind the scenes on the training pitch and dont see him everyday like he does.

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I thought a 3 game ban is only for serious foul play or violent conduct. Well in any case whoever is in goal has to play in midweek too to get some action and confidence. I'm not bothered who plays, Hilario has done it for us fairly well in the past but Turnbull's Middlesbrough beat Liverpool 2-0 at home last season whereas Cech conceded 8 to them, 4 in one game at the bridge.

Whoever is in goal, it wont make a difference but i'm sure it'll be the portu-geezer

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