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Didier Drogba The Leader!


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Didier Drogba has re-established himself as one of the best strikers in the world and become a real leader at Chelsea, according to his manager Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian compared the Ivorian to his former AC Milan team mate Marco

"Thereis a word in Italy: 'trascinatore'. It means the player that pulls thegroup together. Gennaro Gattuso was the trascinatore at Milan, John Terry is a trascinatore at Chelsea, but Drogba, too," Ancelotti told Tuesday's Daily Mail.

"Thereare leaders that speak a lot, he can do this, but then he leads byexample with the way he plays. This happened from the start for me.There was never a chance he would leave. He is far too important for us.

"Iknow some see him as a prima donna but the difference between a primadonna and a leader is a centimetre. The leader uses his talent for theteam, the prima donna for himself, but Drogba has never been a primadonna for me.

"He reminds me of the great players, the way he hasbeen this season. If he is feeling a good sensation about the game, ifhe is confident, he is impossible to play against.

"I used toplay with Marco van Basten. I asked him how we should give the ball tohim. He said, 'Just pass it, and then start running to congratulateme'. He always thought he would score, and he was usually right. Whenhe is at his best, Drogba can be like that.

"I have never played with a stronger striker than Didier. Filippo Inzaghi at Milan was a smart guy, Andriy Shevchenko was strong, but not in the air, Hernan Crespo,Alessandro del Piero - Didier is different to them all. I think he isone of the best in the world right now. I would put him alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fernando Torres and Samuel Eto'o but I would not swap him for any of them.

"Didier has it all. When you find a player who has talent and is unselfish: hai vinto. You've won."

Ancelotti,who took over at the start of the season, said he was frustrated by thelanguage barrier in his early days at the club but is now able tocommunicate well with Chelsea's multi-national squad.

"When Ifirst came there was too much distance between me and the players," hesaid. "I like to joke with them, I like to speak with them - to me itis very important and I could not do that. Now we are closer. I thinkat first they considered me only as a boss and I did not have thelanguage to break through.

"Sometimes you need to get after themwith strong words, but it is more important to explain and resolve theproblems on the field. So I don't throw tables: I talk.

"Only one time have they upset me and that was in a friendly match against Reading.We were losing 2-0 at halftime and I wanted to be angry but I didn'thave the words to convey that emotion. It is hard to be angry inanother language."

van Basten and said when he is on his game he is impossible to play against.


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Then don't speak as if you are an all knowing deity of football. That wondergoal, for me, is unforgettable.

You're talking about the best finisher at the club, and last seasons golden boot winner. He will score more goals against the top 4 for us, he has done it before for many teams and if he's given the chances he will do so for us, especially if he's playing as a centre forward.

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Drogba is the best finisher at the club, better all round player, scores better goals, and most importantly he scores important goals.

Anelka is a better finisher than Drogba, Anelka can finish welll where it is not one of Drogba's strong points from close range.

probably watching the game either online or at pub

tbh i had allot of work goin on at that time, although I've been watching the games religiously this year because of the renewed hope.. scolari ruined last season for me personally.

Scolari ruined it for us all but we still supported the team.

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Scolari ruined it for us all but we still supported the team.

i dont wanna be getting involved in tx's beef with you lot

but he never said he suddenly stopped supporting the team and watching games, just that big phil ruined the season.

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