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Chelsea Suspect Anti-english Conspiracy - Reports

the wes

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Chelsea were given no warning oftheir extraordinary two-window transfer ban and believe they are thevictims of an anti-English conspiracy, according to reports.

Reeling from the ramifications of a ban that will prevent themsigning any new players until January 2011, Chelsea have pledged to'mount the strongest appeal' against FIFA's ruling. 'Chelsea will arguethat the punishment is disproportionate to the relatively modest fineimposed and the nature of the offence, while senior figures at the club- who have maintained their innocence - believe that they are victimsof an anti-English conspiracy at the heart of Fifa and Uefa,' claimsThe Times.

The bombshell ruling from FIFA against that the current leadersof the Premier League was delivered just two days after the closure ofthe latest transfer window in which, the signing of Yury Zhirkov apart,the Stamford Bridge club were mere observers. It seems as if the clubwere caught completely by surprise when a fax was delivered to theiroffices on Thursday afternoon informing them of their punishment.

'Chelsea were stunned as they had not been expecting a verdictfor another three months,' reports The Times, while a concurring DailyMail adds that 'The announcement took Chelsea by surprise, given itusually takes FIFA's dispute resolution chamber two or three months toreach a decision.

'The hearing for this case only took place last week. Accordingto one source, it is partly because the world governing body has lostpatience with Chelsea for what is seen as arrogance over the way theysometimes conduct transfers. So much so that Sportsmail understandsformer employees have been approached in recent months to assist withtheir investigation.'

Having announced their intention to appeal, Chelsea will behopeful that, following the outcome of a similar case involving Roma in2005, their two-window punishment will be halved by the Court ofArbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

However, says The Times, 'Any attempts by Chelsea to delay thehearing in the hope of having the transfer ban frozen by the CAS,thereby enabling them to buy players in January, are likely to fail asFifa seems certain to fast-track the appeal.'


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We better get this ban shorten, Arnesen should definately loose hisjob. The whole 'anti-english' thing, i kind of doubt. But an 'anti-Chelsea' thing then yes.

But no matter what, i'l be keep flying the blue flag up high, and praying that we use youngsters against Stoke to thrash them to show FIFA we don't need transfers as we have our youngsters.


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You guys need to stop crying like we are victimized!!!

Firstly, if you see the way we have been dealing with transfers since Roman took over you'll know why FIFA Singled us out. We are just a bit too aggresive in our transfers policy. John Obi Mikel, Michael Woods, Kakuta, Asheley Cole incidences have been reported and well publicised by the journos. Naturally FIFA will take a note of it and make Chelsea an Example for other clubs. Other clubs definately do it but they are not as"In your Face" with their tranfers as we are.


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Le Havre president Jean-Pierre Louvel has contacted Fifa about Manchester United's signing of Paul Pogba.

Chelsea were hit with an 18-month transfer embargoearlier this week following their illegal purchase of Gael Kakuka fromLens in 2007.

Le Havrespacer.gif were quick to praise Fifaspacer.gif for taking such a stance and threatened to report United for the way they approached teenage star Pogba.

Worldfootball's governing body announced on Friday they had yet to receivean official complaint from Le Havre but Louvel claims he has nowsubmitted the case.

The French official hopes Fifa will come down just as hard on United as they did with the Blues.

"The player had a no-hire agreement, and so had to sign his first contract in France," Louvel told radio station France Info.

"But he didn't sign it because Manchester Unitedspacer.gif contacted the parents and made astronomical and excessive financial propositions for a 15-year-old boy.

"Wehave submitted the case to Fifa. The letter to leave has not beenagreed by the French Federation, so today Fifa has been referred.

"Ihope we will get the same result (as the Gaлl Kakuta case), which couldjustify to those clubs they can't do anything and they have rules torespect."

Fifa have yet to confirm receipt of the complaint,while United insisted on Friday they would challenge any case broughtagainst them.

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