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From 'Who Ate All The Pies'

Remember how excited Manchester United fans were when they heard the news they'd signed Ronaldo. Giddy MU enthusiasts litterally skipped and danced around their mock-tudor Essex homes, thinking they'd signed the buck toothed Brazilian legend. Luckily for them, it turned out to be the other, not so famous, Cristiano Ronaldo, which confused a few fat men in replica shirts for a couple of hours.Anyway the original aforementioned buck toothed wizard Ronaldo (star of France '98 and The Simpsons) has seen his career spiral out of control. He's now unwanted by AC Milan, who reportedly are looking to offload him for free, or swap him for some other over paid misfiring striker like Sheva. Cue Chelsea.

Now, I'm not saying Ronaldo is the answer to Chelsea's strike problems, but in the short term, could he do a solid job in a blue shirt ? With Drogba out, Sheva and Kalou are getting out muscled by defenders. A big (free) bruiser, with the potential to be brilliant again, could be the answer. At least to get him through to the end of the African Cup of Nations when Drogba will return.

Never mind could he ''do a solid job in a blue shirt'' question is could he fit in a blue shirt, and there are other options...

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At least the burger sales would go up :(

If its a free then why not......cant be any worse than our current options up front.

Especially as January is a very very tough time to sign players. Would it really be a big deal to bring him over on a free and see if he can work with us?

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