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Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 | Your Opinions?


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downloaded it yesterday.. some nice tracks

Empire state of mind is a favorite atm... although this album aint exactly reasonable doubt it's still dope, tracks like young forever, what we talking about & already home ft kidi cudi also hit the spot.

anyone here downloaded it?

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yeah i got it, it's good, dont get all the negativity surrounding it :wacko: . Really liking Off That, Already Home, So Ambitious, On To The Next One and Empire State Of Mind aswell as the realeased singles from it, was bummed to see to the Nas version of Empire State Of Mind didn't make the full release, but hopefully it will be on a mixtape or something :)

Speaking of new albums, anyone check out Only Built For Cuban Linx PT II yet ? Liking what i've hear so far :)

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Empire State of Mind and Thank You by far the best tracks on the album

By the way, check the DOA remix by Chase and Status. that is how i came back to Jay.

Still a massive fan from "black album"

better than Dizzee Rascals new album after all...so sad, so sad. but understandable at the same time

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My personal favourite track on the album is "A Star Is Born". J.Cole is on the track, i have had his mixtapes for a while he really impresses me and kinda reminds me of Lupe. Not sure why, similar sounds maybe.

Ill check that song now.

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