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Official: Ashley Cole signs new deal

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His crossing is absolutely awful :lol: Still, if he can get himself into some of the goalscoring positions he's been getting himself into so far this term, we could be looking at him getting four or five this season which would be a massive contribution from full back.

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Neither would I but he shares the same passion as JT lamps and Drogs, and he really want's to win trophies for us.

I get where you're coming from, but it takes alot to be reguarded as "one of the lads".

I would put JT, Lampard, Joe Cole in that bracket. Very few, if any fans have a dislike for any of those three. Just outside I would place Drogba, Cech, Ash and Essien. The rest are doing their job imo. The bond built up between the players during TSO's regin has brought the players close together.

I'm not saying others are excluded from the bond, just that some players not mentioned I wouldnt class them as "Chelsea to the core"

Riccy for example. Harped on about wanting to leave this summer, but changed his mind after the deal to Inter broke down. Now he wants to stay and reinstate himself as a regular starter. I feel a bit of the "bond" he had with fans has been chipped away.

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why do people still call him cashley cole.. forget the circumstances of the move and what happened and think only that he was at arsenal, if he had left a club at the top and with top players then fair enough :rolleyes:

It's all ironic mate, it's just like some of us call Lamps Fat Frank ;)

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