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Is the moneyman dead at Chelsea

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from july 08 to july 09 we have sold more players than we have buy players and Abramovich had talks with Platini about clubs who fail to balance books could be fucked out of Europe please tell me i am worrying over nothing...........

P.s. yids have spent more money than Chelsea from july 08 to july 09 :doh:

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We buy what we need, We don't aimlessly buy strikers like City.

We needed a left winger, We got one, We needed a young backup striker, We got one, We need a young goalkeeper, We got one, We needed a deep lying playmaker that isn't 30, We got one.

We need a Champions League, and with the squad we have, We'll get one.

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We have the best squad in the premiership and we've started well 4 wins out of 4 and playing the best football i have ever seen us play. I don't need to say anything else. Ok the attack is quite weak but we can use Anelka as the main striker and Daniel Sturridge is not just a young talent, he's got it and imo he's good enough to play and be trusted. Don't panic.

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I think Carlo is tacticly ready for any fault that could happen. Janury, probably play Anelka as a lone striker and Sturridge and Di Santo as back up. That way we could have Joey and Lampard play as the attacking midfeilders, ie 4-5-1 formation with a holding midfeilder and two attacking ones. Something like that for three weeks can do us good.

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High! blue%20scalf.gifblue%20scalf.gif

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