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My New Experience

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Well today i got to see the mighty Chelsea absolutely destroy the "in form" burnley in my first ever Chelsea game. I had such a great Time, one of the best days in my life. I experienced something that i have been dreaming about for as long as i can remember.

On the TV Stamford Bridge looks alot bigger than what it is but its such a beautiful sight when your in there. The people i was around where all really nice and it was good to finally be able to do some chants with some fellow Chelsea Fans.

I could not of wished for anything better for my first experience and i cannot wait for my first away game against Stoke, than i will also see the Porto game and the Spurs game too.

Here are about 100 of the 400 photos that i took today. If anyone would like a better quality image let me know and i will be happy to re-upload them in a higher quality!!

KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH :Dblue%20scalf.gif :woo:


abef2d47116694.gif 3fa64747116700.gif 347efd47116704.gif 80534e47116710.gif d103dc47116713.gif d87cb047116716.gif e351c247116718.gif c794ee47116721.gif cd3aa247116725.gif 07f6c247116729.gif c3918e47116740.gif d944a747116748.gif e212b147116757.gif fd9c1247116763.gif 9fa04247116766.gif c55ddd47116771.gif f22c3147116776.gif bc97bd47116778.gif 655a0c47116779.gif 56e27c47116782.gif 0c026d47116786.gif db2fe547116787.gif 93725147116791.gif e81b0547116797.gif be3fa647116799.gif f2206847116801.gif 9ca21b47116806.gif 8b502e47116809.gif bbd48447116811.gif a1759b47116816.gif 8268f647116820.gif 28e6db47116823.gif 3f6e8447116824.gif 562dda47116829.gif eadf2547116830.gif e7c0c147116834.gif

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Wow it sounds as though you had a ball. I can most certainly agree with everything you've said as I for one will remember today for a long time too, it was pretty special. Love all the pictures.

It really was a special day :) and to top it off there was even great weather, lol and i got sun burn on my face haha

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Nice photos, got your cam in ok then?

Yep, i got it in. But it was weird because i saw alot of people get the same cameras taken off them.

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haha i have a back pack, and at the bottom you put the camera there and it closes up. Than you have room at the top for other things. But they still checked it lol.

Maybe because im on crutches they felt sorry for me or something haha.

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lol they where not all of the game, i took some of the stadium and of the lads warming up. Also took alot of motion flow shots. I also enjoy photography so if i want to take photos i can...

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Glad you have a good time, and the photos are really good stuff.

I think everyone remembers there first game/time at the bridge, glad you got a chance :)

Well I think I'll remember yesterday obviously because of the result, the atmosphere and the fact that I had a such a brilliant time. Last week which was actually my first game at the Bridge I didn't get off to the best of starts, transport problems, and so I couldn't settle and enjoy the match when I finally did get there. Shame really

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