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Jason, saying hi from Cape Town, South Africa


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I just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Jason, a massive blues fan living in Cape Town, South Africa. I must be pretty lucky to have a wife that I rate is a bigger fan than I am, but probably for the players looks more than anything else.

We have planned a trip to England in October and are definitely going to catch the home game against Blackburn, so going to need some advise on tickets, where to sit etc - but I'll ask for more info closer to the time.

I run a football video blog called Free-kick.tv where a colleague of mine, Mike Perk (Spurs fan) and I chat about all things football. We shoot a show once a week and its tons of fun. We so far have shot 7 episodes, but it is steadily growing!

Other than that I have a personal blog over at www.jasonbagley.com

So, enough about me - just wanted to say Hi!

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Welcome to TalkChelsea. Your best place to start for info on tickets is to look at the official website, Chelseafc.com. There's a section on up and coming fixtures which gives you details on when you can buy tickets. You'll need to almost certainly have to register as a member, it's only £25. As to where to sit, I'm still learning, i'm sure some of the other guys can advise. I think Matthew Harding or Shed End would be good if you want the atmosphere with the singing. I've been advised as a new member to sit in the West Stand to get a feel for the ground, which is OK if you just want to sit and watch the match and sing the occasional song.

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Thanks for the info Blueray! I've checked out the Chelsea site for tickets and I think my best bet would be the ticket exchange. Seems there are some really decent tickets up for grabs from season ticket holders that are not attending a couple of the matches.

I'll be honest and say I'm not too keen on sitting on either end of the ground - would rather be as close to the pitch as possible and near the middle! Sounds like a tall order, but it's my first game I'll be watching live, so really want to get the best out of it! Price really isn't an issue either - not going to skimp on tickets after paying all the cash for flights and accommodation to get the London. :)

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