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Do any of you belong to the Chelsea Supporters Registry or the Chelsea Supporters Group? Are they any good and would you recommend that I join them? I did email the Chairwoman of the CSR, but never got a reply back. I'm trying to find a local(ish) group that I can join where I can meet up with fellow fans. Would still like to meet up with some of you guys at a future match, even it's just to enjoy a pint and to say hello before or after the match.

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I belong to Chelsea in America and it's a good group of folks who come out in force when the team is in the US and they have their own board and website. They have subgroups based on geography because the US is so big and some of them are very very active and meet up for games at local pubs (sometimes at 5 a.m. to catch them live!) I guess it just depends on where you live Ray. I dragged my entire family into my Chelsea obsession, my babysitter, and several of my students! So they are who I talk to. The footballers fromt he school I teach at all know that I love the game and will talk about it and have a decent understanding of the game and the players. Now when there are games they seek me out to talk about the games especially if their team plays Chelsea. So, I guess you can also make your own community too, similar to what CheseaBoi did.


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