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Letter about standing

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It said,

"It was noted at the hull match on the 15th that hte area you were sitting there was alot of persistent standing. Please refrain from persistent standing otherwise the club will be forced to take action which will result in ejections from the stadium and membership bans."

I was right at the back just about, if i didnt stand i wouldnt have seen a thing. :lol:

There were people sitting on the steps next to me and the asian stewards were to scared to say anything to them. :ph34r:

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Well what about the Standing at Craven Cottage? If I had sat I wouldn't have seen anything as it was standing the whole match Perhaps it's a different policy with Fulham. As far as I can see on the ticket it doesn't mention anything about standing.

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I've got a ticket in Matthew Harding Lower (Gate 16) for the Spurs Match, and appreciate that there will be standing in this area. I will just take the lead from those around me. I don't want to be thrown out however. I can understand the policy applying to the West Stand where I was for the Hull Game and that was mostly sitting, with standing when a foul occurred or a goal was scored. I've changed stands for the Spurs match because I actually do want to stand as I feel I can appreciate the game and asmosphere better if i'm standing. I will try and abide by the rules....

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Everyone stands at away games, it's one of the reasons why the atmosphere is so much better.

There was a lot of chucking out done last season in the shed lower for standing, I didn't get a letter though.

yeah the atmosphere is better....it's silly though in the end!

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Yeah if the person in front of you is standing then you have to or you don't see anything, but there's a family area for a reason.

There should be an area for fans that wanna stand, it adds to the atmosphere.

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Yup, i agree, if youn wanna stand, there should be a specified area for it. Though if i wanna stand, i do :)

I try to be sympathetic to my surroundings. If an elderly couple or a family are sitting in the seats behind me I won't stand that much. But if it's some middle aged person sitting there eating their food and casually watching the match I'll stand and sing all I want. Shed End is definitely the place to be. The only thing that resembles an atmosphere at the Bridge. That is if you don't count THOSE flags as atmosphere. :P

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